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As we know, there are certain career opportunities which are in an increasing tendency lately. Financial analysts always inform us about different job opportunities, different careers that are worth pursuing nowadays. There are so many young people who were unable to make a decision and these people should all know of amazing opportunities such as becoming a personal trainer.

salary of personal trainerBeing a personal trainer isn’t only about having a great salary. It’s a great lifestyle, it’s really something that turns your life into something amazing, into something new. As a trainer, you will also get to live by the things that you teach. Living a healthy life with a necessary amount of exercises (mostly fitness exercises) and healthy eating habits is a great life, because you take care of your body and you don’t have to undergo the suffering brought to people by heart problems or lung problems caused by being overweighed. Then it’s amazing to help other people and see how their lives are improved thanks to you. It’s one of the best feelings in the entire world to help others and to see that your help actually mattered in their lives.

On the average, a personal trainer salary in 2013 is around $53.000 per year. Of course, this is variable. If you think of such a yearly salary, it’s obviously more than motivating to know that you can have it all for yourself if you become a personal trainer. And you know, it’s not that hard to become a personal trainer, you simply need a bit of time to dedicate yourself to completing your training and obtaining a certification from an accredited institute, online or offline (college for instance).

Also, if the average salary is around the $53.000 per year mentioned before, there are states where the personal training salary jumps way above this limit, as well as states where salaries are lower. It also depends on how many hours you get to work. You shouldn’t forget that personal trainers often don’t get to work 8 hours daily, so it’s obvious that their yearly salaries can’t be compared to yearly salaries of other jobs which truly demand you to work 8 hours or more per day.

Mostly, a fitness trainer salary is based on an hourly rate. There aren’t too many jobs nowadays to pay you per hour, but we all know that being paid that way is very advantageous and often a lot better than salaries which are on a monthly basis.

Your personal trainer salary will also depend on the level of success your clients have, on the years of experience you have and on the way you pursue your career. For instance, it’s an opportunity for personal trainers to become online personal trainers. A lot of personal trainers have chosen this path and they don’t regret it, because it offers a lot of flexibility and often better salaries in comparison to live training.

Regardless of what you choose and regardless of how and where you pursue your personal trainer career, it’s a stable career and a personal trainer salary is always motivating enough!

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