Personal Trainer Salary Guide

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is one of the professionals who are mainly very dedicated in motivating his or her clients not only to set their goals and to pursue and fulfill them, but they will also provide their clients with an accurate feedback. With other words, their main occupation is in the area of fitness where they are using various exercises for various purposes that need to be achieved, this of course being diverse and different according to each of their clients.

Through each and every fitness instruction or assessment their clients will be measured regarding their own strength and their weakness points. Each assessment can be conducted by a personal trainer before the actual exercise training or after it, in order to measure the physical abilities of the clients or their improvement.

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Job description of a personal trainer

When it comes to a personal trainer or with other words to a professional in the area of fitness, their main duty is not only to motivate their clients, to set and identify goals, to measure many of their physical abilities, but their duty is also to be the providers with some required knowledge in the fields of health and nutrition. For example, a personal trainer could inform you about wellness or other domains of the same field.

Many qualified personal trainers can be found in these areas of expertise, professionals who have developed their own branch of specialization. In this case, those that have already gained a Diploma of Fitness are able to work with clients who need rehabilitation from injuries or various health conditions like obesity or diabetes. This opportunity also involves from the practical trainer’s part a better understanding and knowledge about anatomy and physiology.

This job is full of rewarding benefits, especially when it comes to the good health of your clients, not to mention many responsibilities that might appear during a session. If, for example, you notice that one of your clients might have a medical problem or condition that has to be treated, then it is for the best to advise the client to go to a proper healthcare professional who might inform him what the real situation is and how this can be managed.

Their daily job description as personal trainers is to closely watch every step that their clients make in the direction of their workout, exercise form, not to mention the proper and adequate nutrition plan. A personal trainer has to possess really great motivational and communicational skills, since many times a client or more will not be so enthusiastic to take part or be part of sessions. What you have to express has to be very clear and understandable, since you are the main pillar that influences their life.

What is important to every session is to be able as a personal trainer to guide your client through each step of the exercises training that will get him or her closer to their established goal, so you really have to make it fun and very challenging. That means each of your clients will desire to get involved in this process.

As a personal trainer, you’ll have to be in good shape, since you’ll have to be the one who sets an example also through his body, his strength, his healthy life. But a personal trainer must also be able to perform every exercise that he or she requires from their clients.

Your job as a personal trainer will involve keeping a track of every progress that is being achieved in the life of a client and offering an accurate evaluation. It is equally important to take notes on each and every client’s weight, strength if they should raise the bar of their clients challenges or not, fitness, and health.

How to become a personal trainer

To become a personal trainer you’ll have to be fitted for this job and in the first place to really want to become one. The proper description when it comes to personal trainers is that they are the ones who will always have to motivate others and to educate on what involves physical fitness. So, it is all about the relationship that is established between the personal trainers and their clients and a few other things.

Since you are going to perform these duties, you must first apply them to your own life and live them as a daily routine. The first impression is really important, so as a personal trainer you must possess the necessary skills and be in a very good shape. Clients will see in you an example of what it means to be and live a healthy and fit life, not to mention a discipline of your own body.

A personal trainer must be able to prove that he is capable to perform a various range of exercises that will challenge and motivate their clients to do so. Another concept in the training for becoming a personal trainer is that you really have to understand what really fitness means, especially physical fitness. They do not keep their body fit, so they could rejoice that they are slim they consider the physical fitness to be of great power and of great asset that enriches the people’s lives.

Personal trainers must be able to not only understand the human body, but to have the necessary knowledge of anatomy that will lead them to never use the wrong types of exercises, which might cause their clients injuries. Since their clients use a various range of weight equipment and other machineries, it is important to teach them on the usage, because if these are not used in the proper manner could lead to injuries.

While in their training preparation for obtaining certification, personal trainers will learn a lot of useful and needed pieces of information that will be of great help when dealing with this profession. But it is important to keep the client safe and in a secured environment, and at the same time to help them stay and be fit by working with their bodies.

Another necessary ability that a personal trainer must have is to develop a truthful leadership relation with his or her client. Through each and every exercise session, a personal trainer must be seen as a leader who motivates and supports his or her clients, since they are the ones that will carry them through all the sessions where many exercises could lead to pain or frustration, or even tears. The emotional level must be developed in a personal trainer.

Every personal trainer has his own style of approach that can be more intimate or more of instructions. See what type of style suits you the most, because the main objective is to develop a relationship with your client and help him achieve his fitness goal. You can even try to hire your own personal trainer and that way you’ll learn a lot having a face to face experience.

There are many areas of work that will require from your part as a personal trainer to have a certification, usually obtained from organizations that are accredited by the NCCA or the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. You can conduct your own researches to see which the suitable certification training programs are for you.

The state diploma schools will provide you with great classroom education, these involving the theoretical parts but also with the practical part this involving the experience achieved.

The majority of these programs will require you to be eighteen of age, to have certifications such as CPR or AED, but also before you carry out with the certification to already have an exam passed. There are many and various approaches that can be followed. For a clear opinion you can check out the programs that can be provided by different academies or organizations such as the American Academy of Exercise or the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America.

The completion of one program can be comprised between $410 and $810, this including the necessary materials. There are also certification programs that will save you some money by having the online option to study by yourself.

Being one of the most competitive jobs in this business field, your chances can be increased by choosing a specialization in this profession that will lead you to achieving an additional certification. While you are on pursuit for your certification, you can choose and think to the best working place for you. What type of working facility would you like to be in?

You can obtain experience by working in gyms in various roles that will not require any certification. This program, if it is offered by gyms, will help you a lot to decide where you would like to work or what type of training you will want to achieve. Many of these gym facilities will want to keep you after working as a floor trainer and will require from your part to obtain the necessary certification so that you can work as a personal trainer in their own facility.

Work Environment and schedule

Many personal trainers work in places like gyms, fitness centers, or they will manage their own businesses or in partnership with other personal trainers or even at their client’s homes. Their schedule is very flexible, since many of them are establishing their own schedule.

On a day they will train more clients, who usually have very different exercise trainings and goals to achieve. Their schedule is mainly accommodated after their clients, so their hours of work are very irregular. A workday is usually estimated to be comprised between six or seven hours, and five per week. All these days are spent with the clients, doing the training session of exercises and trying to achieve the goals that were set.

A personal trainer schedule may vary and sometimes be very long, but to get it right you mustn’t book two clients at the same time, because you will not have time to deal with both of them and their plans of fitness are very diverse, really different (thus putting them together is a bad idea).

Salary of a Personal Trainer

Whether you chose to work as a part time personal trainer or on a full time basis, your salary will vary according to you and the choices that you make. The average personal trainer salary reaches at $35,200 per year, while those working only part time in this industry will obtain a salary reaching at a yearly amount of $18,670 and even more. Like in any other profession, there is the economic flux of the lowest points and the highest points when it comes to salary.

The lowest hired percent of the population in this profession is estimated to make $17,050 per year, while the highest point in an income reaches at $63,560 (yearly) and more. The salary in this branch (like in many others) will be depending on various factors of influence.

Many of the working places for a personal trainer and the income received are influenced by the location, experience which is of great asset, the level of certification and the working place. Experience provides you with a good clientele that will recommend you to others after seeing strong results and great benefits, after exercise sessions lead by you as a personal trainer.

The knowledge of education and certification play a vital and important role when it comes to the personal trainer salary. Your job in a great place will depend on this. The education will help you specialize in diverse personal trainer areas, which will make a huge difference as well.

When it comes to the factor of location, you can rest assured that there it will worth being hired in one of the best top paying states for personal trainers such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and so on. But before you make this step to pursue a career in one of these states, you might want to look into other factors that will link with the location, these being the competition which can be found on the business market and the standard of living that influence your situation a lot.

For example in New York, a personal trainer salary reaches at $41,050 per year, while in Illinois it will reach at about $37,100, yearly. The salary of a personal trainer will vary according to each state in the US, where you can encounter many high or low points.

Each and every salary is also influenced by the majority of demanding from the population, not to mention the type of facility in which you are working as a personal trainer. Their advantage is that (like in any other job) if you work more hours, then you can earn more money and you can easily increase your income per week by doing this.

Those who had chosen to work on their own not being employed by any facility have an hourly wage that is much higher than of those working in any other environment. For example, if you are working as an individual, then you can earn an hourly wage that reaches at $42,65 per hour, while if you are working in a private or public facility then you will earn an hourly wage of $25,65.

In any of the cases it counts a lot to know in which type of facility you are being hired or you are already working. If by any chance you succeed to work for a famous celebrity, then as a professional you can expect to a higher salary, since many of the celebrities are very preoccupied with their health and how to stay fit.

The factors that were remembered earlier will influence your work greatly and many of your decisions, so stay sharp and remember that a personal trainer salary is always in growth and the career opportunities are really many and full of very high offers. If we take a look at a personal trainer salary, then you’ll discover that the future of this profession is very constructive.

Personal Trainer salary in Canada, Australia and UK

In other countries the salary of a personal trainer is again influenced by numerous factors, such as your experience in this field as a professional or the city in which you are working. In Canada, an average hourly wage for someone working in this profession will reach up to CAD$19.89. But a salary in this branch might range from CAD$21,645 to CAD$83,745, per year.

Bonuses are also attributed to many cases, when working as a personal trainer reaching at $2,010 and even more. The years of experience will always make a difference when it comes to this profession, because a person being hired with one year of experience will receive a salary reaching at CAD$20,460 and even more up to CAD$50,680, while other people working with a level of experience that already reaches five years or more will earn a salary that reached at CAD $25,600 and will go up to CAD$60,020 per year.

Australia will grant a personal trainer a salary that is comprised between AU$34,678 and AU$120,210, while the median salary in this profession reaches at AU$51,304. The bonus that is granted reaches at AU$4,857. The experience that was achieved during months of work will bring a personal trainer a salary of AU$20,169 and going up to AU$51,890. For an individual who already has four years of experience or more, his salary will be comprised between AU$24,450 and AU$71,020 or more.

The location is another influential factor in the case of a personal trainer’s salary, making him to reach in New South Wales at a salary situated between AU$20,428 and AU$78,300, while in Western Australia a salary will be comprised of AU$35,360 and AU$45,040.

In the UK a personal trainer salary is comprised between £11,747 up to £30,706 and the median salary will reach at £23,595 per year. The bonuses will not miss and those who are granted will reach at around £5,015 (more or less) and with it the total payment will be estimated at about £12,639 and up to £70,397 annually.

Conclusion on personal trainer salary

There is a huge growth estimated in the number of people wanting to have a personal trainer and living a healthy life. Due to numerous factors that influence a personal trainer salary, we can understand that the future outlook for those working in this profession is really bright, since the average salary is at $35,200 and can increase.


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